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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Zombies - Zippy or Zimmer frame?

I thought since halloween is gone, and there hasn't been that many horror films on recently, that we could have a little debate. The topic - do you like your zombies fast as lightning, like in 28 Days, or slower than a frozen dog's turd, like in Night of the Living Dead. Or, do you like them all crazy, whacked out, like the psuedo-zombies from Uwe Boll's House of the Dead, where the zombies spring to life, literally, on visible springboards?

For me I think there is an element of suprise with faster zombies. I know I am old school, but I would be more scared of something about to eat me coming at me 20 miles per hour, rather than a zombie that you can play Red Light, Green Light with. I even like the idea of an intellegent zombie, like in Land of the Dead. There should be more insight into the concept of new ideas for movies, instead of the constant, straight to DVD remakes that they are throwing up recently. The most current news on remakes are Friday the 13th and Evil Dead, yes, even Evil Dead is getting a 'wonderful 2008 makeover.' You know these are going to be filled with the flavor of the month and this weeks latest craze, neither which belong in a horror film.

Two words: bull shit. Another 4 words to add to it? Cannot replace Bruce Campbell.

Your thoughts.....


B Haughey said...

I'm not a huge fan of zombie movies, but I guess I prefer the fast zombies. When I watched the original Dawn of the Dead, I kinda got tired of the slow zombies and actually fast-forwarded through a couple of set pieces, and didn't feel like I lost a lot of context. Fast zombies are better, but only if they're silent. I hate when filmmakers cheat and add a screech sound when a zombie pops out of the dark. A fast, silent zombie is much creepier, in my opinion.

Werner said...

The original Dawn of the Dead is one of my favorite horror movies ever but there is a slow part near the middle where everybody's getting situated in the mall. Kinda funny but 28 Days Later has the same problem. The problem then isn't fast or slow zombies, it's fast and slow montages :P

Randi said...

Fast, silent zombies. That would be awesome! I am sorry, but if I was dead, and then reanimated, I wouldn't be making stock sound effects. I really wouldn't feel up to it.


Maybe that is what recent horror movies need, montages! Even Rocky had a montage! lol All kidding aside, it would probably help some of these horror movies that have no plot direction what so ever. Like the Feast. People sitting at a bar, stuff happens, hero dies, the end. How fulfilling is that?

caldunc said...

I agree!! Fast zombies are much more frightening! Oh NO!!!! Watch out!! Here comes a zombie that can barely walk, dragging a bum leg, and stumbling like he just got kicked out of the bar for drinking to much!!!