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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Left 4 Dead - Zombies at their most Awesome!

Now, I don't play a lot of video games, especially ones in this type of genre, but I had to tell you all about how awesome Left 4 Dead is. We have it on the XBox 360, and it is one of the best games I have seen in a LONG time! Not since I was scared silly with the dog jumping through the window in the original Resident Evil game have I been so excited about playing a game.

You are apart of a group of 4 people trying to fight your way through mobs, masses and plethoras of zombies. I am seriously not joking you, there are shitloads of zombies in this game. Even the most bloody thirsty zombie killers will not be disappointed with the sheer numbers of zombies pouring out of every hole, chimney, window and oriface of the landscape. My favorite part so far has to have been the '300' style herding of zombies through one window, that is fun to dispose of. When you least expect it, zombies just jump out at you from no where.

The beauty of this game is that it is co-op, you can also log into XBox Live and play with other people, as a human, and I have heard also as a zombie. Yes, play as a zombie. I haven't got to try that yet, but I will let you know if that is true.
I really like how each chapter is set up like a movie, with movie posters for each load scene, with awesome titles such as 'No Mercy', where you are making your way up to the top of a hospital, and 'Death Pact' where you are on the outskirts of a small town working your way in.
This game was released November 17, 2008. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed!


Valatiel said...

Actually, you don't play as an actual "zombie", but one of the beefed-up, super-powered zombies. Mainly they're good for griefers that like messing with people online. I don't know, it looks like a lot of fun, but I don't have Steam, so I'm out of luck.

Randi said...

Yeah I was thinking about that a little when I was typing the post, with the amounts of zombies that you kill in this, and if you were said zombie, you wouldn't last for very long. :)

Valatiel said...

Besides, you could use it to score wins for the other side. Like, position your zombie guy in front of a window to block it and just stand there with a not-so-bright look on your face while the zombies behind you scream and curse.

Naw, but the player zombies look freaking NUTS. One of them just grabs a guy with his prehensile tongue...thing...and strangles them in a corner somewhere while the other players stumble around in creepy fog going "Where'd Joe go?"

Randi said...

Haha, got to love screwing over the other team! I am going to have to try playing the zombie part, I was just having too much fun with shooting them :)

I saw tongue zombie grab people, and it was awesome! I really like the way, even if they are computer controlled, how the other players step in and help heal and get zombies off incapacitated players.

There are also these 'overweight' zombies and they spew toxic gas all over you (smokers I think they were named) and during the confusion, coughing and spluttering, it attracts huge mobs of zombies. I love how this game just keeps throwing zombies at you haha.

Valatiel said...

Well dammit now I need to get this game. Ah, well, didn't want to pay rent anyway.

Charles said...

This game looks good. I'll have to check it out. Thanks for the reccomendation!

ss12mm2 said...

very interesting and thrilling to play the game.zombies appearing at different place and different times makes the player terrified on seeing it.very nice game.

ミJean★Claudeミ said...

Absolutely every person I know but me has this game and I absolutely can't stand it. Apparently you need a computer that was made after 2003 to get it to run, so all I can see when I play the demo are a bunch of characters that don't move. );

It looks awesome though, especially the Online co-up. You guys are all making me jealous. You GUYS. I just want to kill some zombies, is that so wrong? It's not like they aren't already dead. }}}: