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Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Remake redux

I totally agree with all of you that have said that if we stopped seeing these movies, that Hollywood would stop making them. Unfortunately, most people didn't get that memo, and they keep on churning out the crap. It does seem that it has slowed quite a bit over the past few months, maybe it's the calm before the storm, lol. There are a slew of remakes scheduled for 2009, and I do honestly think that some die hard fans will go and see what the remake is like, just out of morbid curiosity, like watching a car wreck. Usually the word spreads quickly on sites like imdb.com, and it really influences people's decisions. I personally will wait for the DVD release. When I do see any of these movies, I will definitely let you know about it :)

Maggie said in a comment that there needs to be a new antagonist. That is so true! We haven't had a decent, solid character in years. The only two that even come close to that is Rusty Nail from Joy Ride, or Jigsaw from the Saw series. (Forgive me if I have forgotten any). One that makes people piss their pants in fear, or makes them look between their fingers covering their faces. Fresh, innovative ideas is what this industry needs, and a couple of psychopathic ORIGINAL characters. Doesn't that sound exciting?


Werner said...

Nowadays it's easier and less risky (money-wise) to mess with an existing franchise. It would be interesting to find out how many movies are made a year that are original and not based off something else (book, comic, short story, tv show, video game, foriegn project, newspaper article). It's getting harder and harder to come up with new things but it seems a lot of people in Hollywood stopped trying a while back.


I wish the would come up with something more original these days. Horror has gone to mainstream and is to commercialized now. I personally have switched over to watching movies from companies like braindamage films.They have the old school blood and guts that i miss in movies