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Saturday, November 1, 2008

This Was Halloween.....

I hope everyone's Halloween was safe and fun! I was so busy yesterday with school parties, trick or treating, haunted house and other activites, that I wasn't able to post. The worst ever thing to be on Halloween is sick, especially as a kid, and my son come down with a fever yesterday afternoon. Bless his heart, he trucked on and got as much candy as he could, went through the haunted house a couple of times, then collapsed on the couch.

We decided to continue our 'festivites' today by watching Nightmare before Christmas, which is an awesome movie. Yesterday the only things I got to watch was an episode of Judge Judy (which in itself was scary lol) and Halloween Resurrection. I didn't like this one as much as the prequels when it came out. Okay, I didn't like the second half of this movie. The parts with Jamie Lee Curtis were good, but this is one of those movies that seemed to me trying to cash in on the latest thing, in this case was reality shows. And are people really that stupid to stay in that house? How many times did Michael Myers come back over the years, and killed at least 12 people that I can remember.....just doesn't sound like a smart idea to me.


khushe said...

Very sad to know about you son. I hope he is doing fine now.I also like this movie Nightmare before Christmas very much. It can be termed as a visual masterpiece.

Randi said...

Although he had an extra 2 days off school after that, he is much better now, thank you :)