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Saturday, December 6, 2008

The Vampire Hunters guide to lists

I admit, the reason I started this blog was because of a yahoo collection; one of those 'greatest or worst ever' lists where they almost always leave off at least one iconic character. The one I am referring to was the 50 top horror/scary movies of all time. There were so many good and bad things about it, that I was finding myself constantly posting comments. I decided to channel my energy into a blog instead :)

What I will do, is when one of these lists appear, give you guys the link, and comment on the content. This time, it's the 10 1/2 awesome vampire list. http://movies.yahoo.com/photos/collections/gallery/1265/10-12-awesome-vampires#photo0 starting off that I will not go and see Twilight, it just doesnt interest me at all, sadly. I am assuming they are counting Blade as a 1/2 vampire...

I don't think these are in any particular order, but here is what the list contains:

Kate Beckinsale - Underworld, Bela Lugosi - Dracula, Tom Cruise - Interview with a Vampire, Kiefer Sutherlin - The Lost Boys, George Hamilton - Love at First Bite, Catherine Denevue - The Hunger, Lance Henriksen - Near Dark, Salma Hayek - From Dusk til Dawn, William Marshall - Blacula, Max Schrek - Nosferatu, Wesley Snipes - Blade

Okay, I know that there is going to be some pissed off Buffy fans seeing this list void of Angel and Spike.

I also found a list of the 70 top vampire movies of all time. http://snarkerati.com/movie-news/top-70-vampire-movies-of-all-time/ Someone took the time to make this list, and it is a good mix of old and new, which I always like to see. The one thing I was shocked about....Bram Stokers Dracula at #11. Seriously? Okay, it was an okay film, but Interview with a Vampire (#15) was miles better.. What do you guys think?