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The Girl's Horror Club - A guide and review of horror and scary movies by a girl. Yes, A GIRL!. Consider this the 'Oprah's Book Club' of the horror world, where everyone is welcome to discuss, rant and rave about their favorites, and not so favorites.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Introduction to the Club

I know that I am not the only fem who likes horror and scary films. Whether you are a die hard fan, or you are being made to watch them, this is the place for you! I want to discuss films that I have seen with other fans, and also take a look at the genres and history of the industry. Now I grew up more of a tomboy than a pretty princess, so I will not wrap the zombies up in pink ribbons and bows. My background is old school horror, so I would love to get into it about the newest, 'extreme gore' horror that has come out recently. I would also love to discuss some of the remakes and homages that have been produced in the last 10 years as well!

And even though you might not be a fan of the films, at least I can hopefully prepare you for the worse if you are made to watch them.

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merriweatherblue said...

You're not the only female scary-movies-especially-old-ones-lover! Growing up the in the sixties, the films shown on late night TV (ours was called "Creature Feature") were fabulous. Who can forget the Village of the Damned, The Bride of Frankenstein, The Birds, and Psycho??? These were great films! Sometimes I think it's better in glorious black and white. The color sometimes distracts from the spine-tingling suspense.